S. No. Particulars/Details Description
1 Name of the Establishment M/s. Good House Keeping
2 Address of the Establishment WZ-519, Raj Nagar Part-1, Palam Colony, New Delhi - 110077
3 Office where contract workers are to be engaged Client Establishments of M/s. Good House Keeping.
4 Nature of work for which Contract Workmen, are to be employed All kind of Unskilled, Semi-skilled, Skilled, Technical & Professional Manpower for Housekeeping, Ministerial, Secretarial & Paramedical Assistance.
5 Name of the Proprietor M. R. Aggarwal
6 Date of starting of Business 1980
7 Date of Initial agreement with the Principal Employer(working since with PE) N/A
8 Telephone No. of Establishment 25363801, 25363802
9 Email ID of Establishment
10 Website Address of Establishment
11 Registration No. under CL(R&A) Act CLA/C/1518/99/LC
12 Registration No. under the Regn. Act,1908 N/A
13 Registration. No. under the Companies Act,1956 N/A
14 Registration No. under the Shops & Establishment Act,1954 7C/3405/II
15 Registration No. under the Factories Act N/A
16 Registration No. under ESI Act,1948 11-17145-102
17 Registration No. under EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 DL-12812
18 Service Tax Registration No. ST/Cent./Delhi/D-II/39/2006
19 PAN Card No ABEPA0970A